Managing Energy Risk. An Integrated View On Power And Other Energy Markets

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An overview of today's energy markets from a multi-commodity perspective As global warming takes center stage in the public and private sectors, new debates on the future of energy markets and electricity generation have emerged around the world

A full 30 of the content accounts for changes that have occurred since the publication of the first edition

A new chapter is devoted to the growing importance of renewable energy sources, related subsidy schemes and their impact on energy markets

By combining energy economics models and financial engineering, Managing Energy Risk delivers a balanced perspective that captures the nuances in the exciting world of energy.

Carbon emissions certificates, post-Fukushima market shifts, and improvements in renewable energy generation are all included

Further, due to the unprecedented growth in shale gas production in recent years, a significant amount of material on gas markets has been added in this edition

Managing Energy Risk is now a complete guide to both gas and electricity markets, and gas-specific models like gas storage and swing contracts are given their due

Practitioners will appreciate this contemporary approach to energy and the comprehensive information on recent market influences

The Second Edition of Managing Energy Risk has been updated to reflect the latest products, approaches, and energy market evolution

The unique, practical approach to energy trading includes a comprehensive explanation of the interactions and relations between all energy commodities

Thoroughly revised to reflect recent changes in renewable energy, impacts of the financial crisis, and market fluctuations in the wake of Fukushima Emphasizes both electricity and gas, with all-new gas valuation models and a thorough description of the gas market Written by a team of authors with theoretical and practical expertise, blending mathematical finance and technical optimization Covers developments in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, as well as coal, oil, natural gas, and renewables The latest developments in gas and power markets have demonstrated the growing importance of energy risk management for utility companies and energy intensive industry

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